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"Stephen knows his clients well and has an amazing eye for details. 

We have worked on projects with him in three separate houses and we will be his clients forever.  Most recently he helped us in a complete remodel.  We took the house all the way down to the foundation.  Outside of doing the actual blueprints, Stephen facilitated all other decisions in the design of the house from the inside out, and then furnished it.  Every finish, detail, color, etc. was chosen by Stephen with our taste in mind.  I can’t say enough about how positive our experiences have been working with Stephen and how pleased we are with the results.  He has made our house a home." ~ Laura McDonald

"Friends recommended Stephen to us - they said he was great -
and he is - really, really great in every respect.

Stephen is without doubt the best decorator we have ever worked with, and we are so incredibly glad our friends recommended him to us. First of all, he listens carefully to what you say you want and asks the right questions to hone in on the needed details. He doesn't try to steer you into his direction. Instead he grasps what your struggling to describe. Second, he is extraordinarily knowledgeable - he knows how things are made, what's good, what's not so good and why, and where to find what you're looking for. And he finds it quickly and efficiently. Third, he is amazingly creative. He's been able to turn into a reality everything we described as wanting in the way of a look and feel to the great room he's helping us completely redo. Fourth, he nails it - everything he picked out in the way of fabric and furniture was fabulous. Fifth, he's mindful of any budgetary constraints you put on him and still finds a way to make it work. Sixth, he is absolutely delightful to work with. Sure he's the consummate professional, and that's important, but he also has a great sense of humor and an easy manner about him that makes it wonderful to work with him. And he is prompt and responsive - you never have to ask about something more than once and he always gets back to you with thorough responses to whatever questions you may have. We would recommend Stephen without any hesitation or qualification to anyone looking for design assistance. He's fabulous!" ~ Carrie Brower

"You’re the best for 'service after the sale!'" ~ Jan Friedlander


"The perfect design partner! 

We were creating a space for my husband in addition to a dining space.  Stephen was a master in keeping the rooms masculine but giving me a space that I liked too.  It also blends perfectly with the rest of our house.  These rooms are the very first thing people see when entering our house and we always get a great reaction from newcomers." ~ Sabra Knauf

"We moved in to a new home which was our first experience
with contemporary vs. traditional, and urban vs. suburban location. 
We knew we needed help and Stephen turned out to be perfect. 

He helped us come up with a design that was eclectic and fun.  We felt like the project reflected our tastes and incorporated many elements from our travels.  Somehow, Stephen was able to put all this together in a way that worked beautifully.  We are very happy with our new home.  Through the experience, Stephen demonstrated his design talents as well as a great personal style.  We are happy to have Stephen as a friend today." ~ Dan Amedro

"Loads of ideas and experience!  I have worked with Stephen on several projects over the past twenty years.

He helped us personalize our first home with unique furnishings, many custom designed by Stephen.  When we decided to build our "dream home", Stephen was a key player along with the contractor and architect in building the house.  We had very definite ideas of what we wanted, and he kept all of us directed and focused on achieving the ambiance and style we wanted.  Rather than impose his own ideas, Stephen was attentive to our thoughts, he listened and helped make our dream come to fruition.  He is a great resource for interior details and décor, and a lot of fun to work with." ~Julie Anderies

"I would highly recommend Stephen. 

He is very patient and is extremely thorough.  You never feel rushed to make a decision.  He follows up and is timely too.  It was a pleasure working with him." ~ Debbie Persico

"Stephen is a truly talented designer and does an amazing job at understanding what the client wants. 

He worked beautifully with our household where predilections were not always similar, and created a beautiful blend to meet the needs of both.  We used his experience again when we remodeled the exterior, and now receive rave compliments from all of the neighbors.  We absolutely love our home – both inside and out – and would highly recommend using Stephen’s talent if you want to create a look unique to you." ~ Jennifer Ulman

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